Hydraulic solenoid valve

Product name: DSG-03 series 2B3B/3C2/3C60 (24V/220V) hydraulic solenoid valve Product features: safe and durable / long life / prevent oil leakage / complete models

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Yuken type hydraulic solenoid valve DSG-03 series 3C2 3C6 3C3 3C4 AC220V DC24V

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Safe and durable/Long life/Prevent oil leakage/Complete models

Support processing customization, please consult customer service



►Product parameters

Solenoid valves are the basic components of automation used to control fluids.
The expected control can be achieved with different circuits, and the control accuracy and flexibility can be guaranteed.



Product brand:Bokemeyer
Product name:Solenoid reversing valve
Product number:DSG-03
Use voltage:AC220/24/12V(plug type)
ZUl high pressure:25MPa

Note: Technical requirements are available and can be customized according to your requirements




►Product Specifications






DSG-03-3C60-24V Round

DSG-03-3C60-220V Square

Note: 220V has a square electromagnet and a round electromagnet, the default is a square electromagnet. If you need a round electromagnet, please contact the customer. 24/12v defaults to a round electromagnet.


►Product detail presentation


Reliable quality
Stable performance,
Not easy to corrode,
More durable and long service life.

Energy efficient
Has a buffering effect,
Under high pressure and high frequency switching action,
Still running smoothly and saving money.

Strong power
Pure copper coil, not easy to burn out,
High suction, low noise,
Safe to use.

Complete specifications
Due to the variety of valve shaft types,
Various solenoid coils are available with optional functions,
Suitable for various scenarios.


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