BM1 hydraulic motor

Product name: BM1 column-mounted stator and rotor hydraulic oil motor Product features: can withstand high back pressure, a variety of flanges, oil port output shafts and other connection forms, forward and reverse connection is convenient, and the speed is stable.

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BM1 hydraulic motor 50/80/100/125/160/200/250/315/400/500 Cycloidal Hydraulic Motor

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Product Description


Low speed and high torque / high pressure resistance and stable speed / simple and convenient operation

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►Product parameter details

Adopt column-type stator and rotor design, which has higher oil distribution accuracy and higher mechanical efficiency.
Adopt imported shaft seal, can withstand high back pressure.
A variety of flanges, oil ports, output shafts and other connection forms.
The forward and reverse conversion is convenient and the speed is stable. Small size and compact structure.



►Product detail presentation


Imported oil seal
Adopt high pressure seal imported from Germany,
High back pressure, high torque, stable performance, can be used in series and parallel

Column-mounted rotating stator
Low starting pressure, adjustable forward and reverse rotation speed,
Torque controllable rotation smooth and powerful

Sealed base
Good sealing, high back pressure, large torque,
Stable performance can be applied to a variety of scenarios

High hardness shaft
The shaft is made of high-strength steel with hardness HRC56~62,
After high temperature quenching at 850 degrees Celsius, continuous shaft


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