Looking back on the extraordinary year of 2021

Go into the new year of 2022 and look back on yesterday

We are relieved, we are filled with emotion

2021 is an extraordinary year

We're in the same boat 

We ride the wind and waves and move forward with courage

Hope, sweat, and focus

We are brave and strong, united and hard work

Indomitable Fearless

It's been an unusual year, in During the epidemic, the company was led by Chairman Zhang Mengtao

Epidemic prevention and control in one hand factory production in the other hand . At the same time, under the coordination of the epidemic prevention measures of various exhibitions, we lead the personnel of various departments to actively participate in the exhibitions in various places, seize the opportunities, and communicate and negotiate with customers from all over the world. At the same time, ensure the smooth and orderly development of the company's work



In 2021 we've worked hard and hard , received the success and joy. I hope that in the coming 2022, we can always keep our original intention, keep in mind our mission, ride the wind and waves, and sail far away. We can continue to struggle, move forward bravely, and create more splendid brilliance. Let us continue to write "the story of spring" together. ......

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Should you say "Dragon Boat Festival" or "Happy Dragon Boat Festival"

Dragon Boat Festival This festival has a festival tradition of avoiding pestilence and health care and remembering the ancestors. It is necessary to wear sachets and collect herbs... In addition to zongzi, there are other delicacies. So, let's take a look at the interesting knowledge and customs of the Dragon Boat Festival?


Today is 520, a day full of love. Our President Li also created a sense of ceremony for us

Hebei Zhisheng Hydraulic Machinery/Ningjin Nikeng Wine Industry

The highest level of business, Just to impress customers. —— Zhisheng's heart