HEBEIZHISHENG Improvement---3.12 Arbor Day

The annual Arbor Day is here, spring in March , sunny sky,

Chun girl came to the world with gentle steps

Everything in the earth is revived, and the grass has drilled from the soil Come out like spring eyebrows

We also need to plant new trees for quality improvement to report safety


Hsinchu is higher than the old bamboo branches, all relying on the old stems support. Next year, there will be a new student, the ten-zhang dragon and grandson will be around the phoenix pond

Hopefully next year will be better and better

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Should you say "Dragon Boat Festival" or "Happy Dragon Boat Festival"

Dragon Boat Festival This festival has a festival tradition of avoiding pestilence and health care and remembering the ancestors. It is necessary to wear sachets and collect herbs... In addition to zongzi, there are other delicacies. So, let's take a look at the interesting knowledge and customs of the Dragon Boat Festival?


Today is 520, a day full of love. Our President Li also created a sense of ceremony for us

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