ZHISHENG improvement daily meeting and study

We have regular meetings every Monday morning, which our company has always had Conventions

Company leaders will communicate with employees of each department and each The head of the department summarizes and analyzes the work of last week,

Communicate effectively about problems at work.

In the face of the epidemic and the market downturn, the director Zhang Mengtao made an important speech at the meeting

“We can't just think that the market is down . Instead, find the reason for yourself.

Find your own problems and fix them. Face the difficulties and forge your own unique path.

We must strive to promote the company's healthy development in an all-round way!

At the meeting, Mr. Zhang also pointed out that technical management quality management   Security management, almost includes the work of each of us

And these jobs directly affect the development of our company



Only with strong technology and reasonable management can product quality be guaranteed. Only good quality can establish a good image of an enterprise

At the same time of quality, production safety is also important every time A must mention at the meeting “Safety is a day Safety is no small matter”

The safe production of each department must be ensured to ensure Production runs smoothly

Finally, everyone learned the mantra of Sinology. This time, The most important thing is that only by improving the quality of employees and improving the level of managers can the company succeed.


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