Hebei Hongkai Machine Tool and his party visited the company

AM March 28, 2022

Hebei Hongkai Machine Tool and a group of people came to our company Visit, study, exchange

Chairman Zhang Mengtao expressed his enthusiasm for the arrival of customers on behalf of the company Welcome and arrange meticulous reception work

For various questions raised by customers, company leaders and Relevant staff gave detailed answers, rich professional knowledge and good working ability, which left a deep impression on customers.


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Should you say "Dragon Boat Festival" or "Happy Dragon Boat Festival"

Dragon Boat Festival This festival has a festival tradition of avoiding pestilence and health care and remembering the ancestors. It is necessary to wear sachets and collect herbs... In addition to zongzi, there are other delicacies. So, let's take a look at the interesting knowledge and customs of the Dragon Boat Festival?


Today is 520, a day full of love. Our President Li also created a sense of ceremony for us

Hebei Zhisheng Hydraulic Machinery/Ningjin Nikeng Wine Industry

The highest level of business, Just to impress customers. —— Zhisheng's heart