2022/4/26 Quality Ascension Dual Control Training Seminar

2022.4.26 Sunrise organized a safety Production training meeting to conduct safety training on our company's risk level control and prevention inspection and management

 Chairman Zhang Mengtao attaches great importance to this matter . And led Li Qiaohong, deputy general manager of the company, and heads of various departments to participate in this training.


The meeting pointed out that it is necessary to establish and improve the safety production responsibility system , each department sets up safety administrators to supervise and inspect the safety production work of the department, and eliminate hidden dangers of production safety accidents in time; organize the formulation and implementation of the unit's emergency rescue plan for production safety accidents

Each employee should consciously abide by the safety production rules and regulations , do not carry out illegal operations, and stop others from illegal operations at any time, actively participate in various activities of safety production, take the initiative to propose suggestions for improving safety work, and take care of and correctly use machinery, equipment, tools and personal protective equipment

Then lead everyone to various locations where there are potential safety hazards in the workshop Review and suggest improvements


At the event, Chairman Zhang Mengtao pointed out that to ensure the safety of enterprises Production, improve the self-protection and protect others awareness of all employees, and firmly in the staff Establish the idea of "safety first", so that employees understand the basic knowledge of safe production and master the operation skills of safe production is the top priority


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