Hebei Zhisheng Hydraulic Machinery/Ningjin Nikeng Wine Industry

The highest level of management,

It is to impress customers.

——Zhisheng Heart Words

Hebei Zhisheng Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd.

General Manager Zhang Mengtao

May 15, 2022, Hebei Zhisheng Hydraulic Zhang Mengtao, general manager of Machinery Co., Ltd., and more than ten people from the company's management visited Nikeng Liquor Cultural Tourism Industrial Park.

Accompanied by Li Xiaona, Director of Nikeng Wine Industry Office,

The host and guests visited and inspected the ready-made products of Nikeng Wine Industry. Workshop, brewing workshop, Tibetan Fragrance Building, Cultural Corridor and Ningfang Stele Gallery, etc., in the Tibetan Fragrance Building,

We also tasted multiple vintages and grades The original mud pit wine, profound cultural heritage, precise scientific management, and mellow mud pit wine fragrance make everyone linger.

After the visit, the leaders and quality The guests of Sheng Hydraulic Company had a discussion and exchange in the conference room.

Zhang Yanhui, Deputy General Manager of Nikeng Wine Industry, delivered a welcome speech and Introduced the history of Nikeng wine industry and its achievements in recent years,

Focus on the company's business philosophy and Jingya culture , Director Li Xiaona told everyone the entrepreneurial stories of Su Ruiguang, chairman of the group, and the work spirit of Ma Huifeng, general manager of Nikeng Wine Industry,

Liu Xiaowei, vice president of Zhisheng Company, used "Zhisheng" "Xin Yu" explained the company's business philosophy and values, and introduced the company's thinking and exploration under the epidemic.

Nikeng Liquor adheres to the management of culture-led, innovative development The concept, adhering to the simple values ​​of "brewing a good wine for the elders of the hometown",

Stick to ingenuity, quality first, service first, hard work Create a century-old mud pit culture brand.

Since the overall relocation in 2012 for nearly ten years, the mud pit The wine industry has built a AAA-level tourist attraction,

The Nikeng Liquor Research Institute was established, and The school has built two doctoral workstations and a number of employment and practical education bases for college students, and has established a stable and effective strategic partnership with the national brewing technology team.

The intelligent brewing workshop broke ground, and the company and its products won the Dozens of honorary titles such as “National Rest assured Liquor Project Demonstration Enterprise”, the highest award in China's liquor industry “Qingzhuo Award”

Hebei Zhisheng Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 2005 Year, is a technology-based small and medium-sized enterprise, the company integrates hydraulic technology research and development, manufacturing, sales and service.

And carry out electronic control and hydraulic, remote control and hydraulic, etc. Artificial intelligence hydraulic system design, complete set of pressure system matching and other businesses constitute a one-stop service platform, using modern office,

Intelligent management system, with dust-free constant temperature workshop and Advanced testing, processing, cleaning and testing equipment and excellent service team.

Zhang Mengtao, general manager of Zhisheng Company, has a unique culture Business philosophy, he is both poetry and printing, like calligraphy,

In business operation, dig deep into traditional culture and integrate modern civilization , the business has changed from quantitative to qualitative, and the quality has improved due to the improvement of wisdom,

The scale continues to expand, and the products sell well inside and outside the field

The development of an enterprise is related to the economic foundation of a region, The foundation of science and technology and the foundation of people's livelihood. An excellent enterprise is not only a shining economic "business card", but also

is an important indicator to measure the overall strength of the region. The development experience and management practice of excellent enterprises, learn from each other, learn from each other,

will empower more companies to become excellent companies The ranks of


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