Should you say "Dragon Boat Festival" or "Happy Dragon Boat Festival"

Dragon Boat Festival is a festival with plague avoidance and remembrance The festival tradition of the sages is to wear sachets and pick herbs……In addition to zongzi, there are other delicacies, so let's take a look, what are the interesting knowledge and customs of the Dragon Boat Festival?

The origin of the Dragon Boat Festival?

The origin of the Dragon Boat Festival covers the ancient astrological culture, Humanities, philosophy and other aspects of the content, cultural connotation is quite rich.

This festival falls on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month. In ancient Chinese, "Duan" has the meaning of the beginning and the beginning, and it is called "Duanwu", which is also "the fifth day". "Fengtu Ji" mentioned "Midsummer Dragon Boat Festival". The end, the beginning. ”

In addition, the ancients used the Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches to calculate the year , generally the fifth month of the lunar calendar is "Wuyue", and noon is considered to be "Yangchen", so the Dragon Boat Festival is also called "Duanyang"

What else is it called?

As a festival with rich connotations, the Dragon Boat Festival also has Tianzhong Festival, Poet Festival, Yulan Festival and many other names.

Among them, the Dragon Boat Festival falls on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month. Five and noon are homophonic, and five and five are heavy, so it is also called "Chongwu Festival" or "Chongwu Festival", and in some places it is also called "May Festival".

Ming Dynasty Shen Bang "Wanshu Miscellaneous Notes" mentioned in : “Daughter's Day in May, it is the Dragon Boat Festival, wearing mugwort leaves and five poisonous charms. ”

Relationship with Memorial Qu Yuan?

In legend, the origin of the Dragon Boat Festival is related to Qu Yuan .

In fact, the Dragon Boat Festival customs have a rich development During the process, the theme of "Sages Commemoration" appeared around the period of the Han, Wei and Six Dynasties. At that time, the characters commemorating the Dragon Boat Festival were slightly different in different places, and the saying of commemorating Qu Yuan had the greatest influence in later generations.

Some scholars also mentioned that the Dragon Boat Festival is not a ritual festival. As for the commemoration of historical figures such as Qu Yuan and Wu Zixu, whether there is a legend or a festival first, there is still debate in the academic circles.

It wasn't a good day at first?

Originally, the Dragon Boat Festival may not be an auspicious festival .

The medical conditions in ancient times were poor, and it was May in the lunar calendar. Mosquitoes and flies began to breed and all kinds of diseases were born. People were unable to deal with them. They believed that May was a poisonous month, and the fifth day of May was a poisonous and evil day of the poisonous month.

At that time, many people thought that even those born on the Dragon Boat Festival Children are unlucky and should be thrown away. It is said that Wang Zhen'e, a general of the Eastern Jin Dynasty, was born on the Dragon Boat Festival, so his grandfather named him "Zhen'e". In addition, there are sayings such as "building a house in May will make you bald"

Where did the dumplings come from?

Zongzi has a very long history and was also called horn in ancient times Millet, and later names such as "Steamed Buns" and "Bai Yutuan" appeared

Liang Chao's "Continued Qi Harmony" records, five On the fifth day of the month, the Chu people used bamboo tubes to store rice and threw water to sacrifice to Qu Yuan. Later, in order to avoid Jiaolong stealing food, they stuffed the bamboo tubes with neem leaves and wrapped them with colored silk.

As for the fillings, it is even more varied, including meat, Chestnuts, red dates, red beans, etc., are sweet and salty. In the Song Dynasty, people also developed the fruit into zongzi stuffing, which is very delicious.

“Avoid the five poisons”Yes What's the point?

The so-called "five poisons" generally refer to There are snakes, scorpions, centipedes, geckos, toads, and centipedes are also included in the "five poisons" referred to in some places. In order to avoid the bites of the five poisonous insects in summer, people have come up with various methods.

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