2022-07-04 17:41

Job Responsibilities:

1. Drafting and revising reports, manuscripts, etc.;

2. Update employee address book timely and accurately; manage company network and mailbox;

3. Responsible for daily office supplies procurement, distribution, registration management, office equipment management;

4. Subscribe to annual newspapers and magazines, send and receive daily newspapers and magazines and exchange emails;

5. Employee attendance system maintenance, attendance statistics and outbound personnel management

6. Ensure that the materials required by the front desk are sufficient (such as water, paper, equipment, consumables and reimbursement forms, etc.) and expense settlement.


1. Technical secondary school or above in secretarial, administrative management and other related majors;

2. More than two years of relevant work experience;

3. Familiar with office administrative management knowledge and work flow, familiar with official document writing format, have basic business letter writing ability, and be proficient in using office software such as OFFICE;

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